The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara has been carrying on a many-sided and highly-qualified educational, research and medical assistance activity, for more than five decades.

Consequently, the achievements of this half-century are a proof of the joint effort of the academic staff, the students and of the technical and administrative body.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara was set up in 1945, a year of milestones for the political, economical and social Romanian life, when communist regime took control of our country.

It is a well-known fact that the state of affairs in the medical field was precarious in the interwar period. Tuberculosis, pellagra, malaria and other diseases of the kind were widespread, resulting in high child mortality, rising up to 180%, and the overall mortality up to 20-22%.

The Order in Council no. 660, on the setting up of The West University, was issued in December 1944, and was signed by King Mihai I of Romania himself, on December, 30th, of the same year. This document followed the Report no. 2414/30.12.1944, signed by Stefan Voitec, The Ministry of National Education, M. Romniceanu, The Ministry of Finance, A.Leucutia, The Ministry of National Economy and D.Danielopol, The Ministry of Health and Social Work.

The first article of The Order in Council stipulated that The West University of Timisoara should comprise the following faculties: The Faculty of Law, The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, The Faculty of Sciences, The Faculty of Human Medicine, The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, The Faculty of Pharmacy and The Faculty of Theology.

The first document, which recorded the establishment of The Timisoara Faculty of Medicine, was the Decree no. 104 from January, 17th, 1945, signed by Dr. Dumitru Bagdasar, the Ministry of Health back then, a prominent personality of Romanian medical life. However, the fundamental document, which led, de jure et de facto, to the setting up of the Faculty of Medicine, was The Law no.361 of May, 4th, 1945, modifying the provisions of The Order in Council for establishing The West University, so as to meet the objective requirements for specialists formation in the healthcare field, in that very part of the country. In actual fact, The Timisoara Faculty of Medicine started functioning on the July, 15th, 1945, with the two first academic years: the first year of study, of 412 students, and the second year of study, of 76 students.

The opening ceremony of the faculty took place on July, 18th, 1945 – event that the students had been looking forward to – was warmly greeted. The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Şerban Brătianu, emphasized, in his inaugural address, the importance of establishing such a cradle of medical higher education, enormously helpful for public health and long wished for desideratum.

During the first three months, there were only theoretical courses held, namely: anatomy, physiology, chemistry, the lectures being given in the present Students’ Union, on Tineretii Boulevard ( the former “Notre Dame” Secondary School), in its aula and in the other lecture rooms.

An important change in the course of the medical educational process occurred in October 1945, when the faculty was given its nowadays residence, “Banatia”, a former Russian military hospital, which had been functioning since the autumn of 1944. For that fore-mentioned purpose, Banatia was evacuated, on government request. The new location stirred an intense activity of developing an educational base.

Nowadays, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy stands as a prestigious institution of higher education, with an honourable history path, and numerous achievements, rising above the difficult socio-political conditions. In so doing, it is almost certain that The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara has a bright future ahead, hoping to get better results in training the undergraduates, on the way of becoming physicians, pharmacists and dental technicians, as well as in ensuring the proper medical assistance for the population.