Dear participants,

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, which has imposed strict measures on the whole world, because we have the duty to minimize the transmission of this virus and to respect the measures taken by Romania’s Government and Timis Public Health Department, we would like to inform you that the 23rd edition of the International Congress for Students and Young Doctors “MEDIS” is postponed for the period 14th-18th of OCTOBER 2020.

We believe that this period is better suited for the Congress, so that our participants, both students and medical specialists are not exposed to any risks.

The Congress which will be held between 14th-18th of OCTOBER will bring the following advantages:

  • It will have one extra day for workshops and conferences, starting on Wednesday
  • The participants will have to attend a minimum of 2 workshops and 2 conferences (they may attend more conferences if they want, but at least 2!)
  • All abstracts submitted for the Congress will be published

The participants that have signed up and have paid the Congress, have the following possibilities:

  • Those who want to attend the Congress in October will have the advantages mentioned before, without having to pay additional fees
  • Those who want to withdraw from the Congress will have to fill in the Refund Form, and the attached document until 6th April

As future healthcare professionals we have a duty to prevent the transmission of this pandemic and to stay informed on its evolution in order to keep both ourselves and the people we interact with safe. We consider that the adopted measures are correct and we sympathize with those struggling to prevent and treat this disease.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to see you all in October! Stay safe and healthy!