International Medical congress for students and young doctors

17th - 21st OF APRIL2024

Our MissioN

The Medis Congress is not just an event; it is a gateway to a world where interdisciplinary learning flourishes. We are committed to curating a diverse program that spans the spectrum of medical specialties, from the latest advancements in clinical practice to groundbreaking research at the forefront of medical science.
Our mission is to break down silos, encouraging participants to explore beyond their specialties and embrace the holistic nature of healthcare.

Extraordinary Experiences

In the spirit of progress, we strive to be a catalyst for innovation. Through keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, we aim to ignite the spark of creativity within each participant. By showcasing the trailblazers in the field, we inspire the next generation to dream big, push boundaries, and pioneer the advancements that will define the future of medicine.
Medis welcomes you to a congress that transcends the ordinary—a congress that empowers, connects, and inspires the healers of tomorrow.

Our Core Values

As stewards of the medical profession, we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable and equitable future.